What's going on At Nay ah Shing

There is lots to do at Nay ah Shing.
We have sports, clubs, activities, field trips, cultural activities, and more.
Keep an eye on this page for the latest opportunity.

IditaRead is going on right now at Nay Ah Shing. Below are the news letters:
IditaRead Newsletter: First issue
IditaRead Newsletter: Second issue

Boy’s elementary basketball season will run from Jan 17 until March 3rd

NASS Parent Advisory Committee
Feb 14, 2017 Elementary Conference Room at noon

"IditaRead: February 14 - March 14. We LOVE reading! We LOVE IditaRead!

Nay Ah Shing Middle - High School Parent Teacher Conferences
Feb 23, 2017 4PM to 7PM Meal Served at 5:30


DateDayEvents and Activities
Feb 27MondayBoys Elementary Basketball Practice 3:45 to 4:45
Feb 28TuesdayBoys Elementary Basketball Practice 3:45 to 4:45
Mar 1WednesdayBoys Elementary Basketball Practice 3:45 to 4:45
Mar 2ThursdayLeadership Team Meetings
Mar 3FridayExperiential Learning
Teacher PLC Day
Mar 4SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 5SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 6MondayPipe and Dish
Mar 7Tuesday
Mar 8Wednesday
Mar 9ThursdayInstructional Team Meeting
Mar 10FridayExperiential Learning
Teacher PLC Day
Mar 11SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 12SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 13Monday
Mar 14Tuesday
Mar 15Wednesday
Mar 16ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
Mar 17Friday
Mar 18SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 19SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 20MondayPipe
Mar 21Tuesday
Mar 22Wednesday
Mar 23ThursdayInstructional Team Meeting
Mar 24FridayTreaty Day / Early Release - Staff Half Day
Mar 25SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 26SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 27Monday
Mar 28Tuesday
Mar 29Wednesday
Mar 30ThursdayAbinoojiiyag Pow Wow / Early Release
Mar 31FridayNo School - Spring Break
April 1SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
April 2SundayHave a nice weekend!
April 3MondayNo School - Spring Break
April 4TuesdayPipe and Dish
April 5Wednesday
April 6ThursdayLeadership Team Meetings
April 7FridayExperiential Learning
Teacher PLC Day
April 8SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
April 9SundayHave a nice weekend!
April 10Monday
April 11Tuesday
April 12WednesdayAbinoojiiyag Conferences 4pm to 7pm
April 13ThursdayPine Grove Conferences 11am to 3pm
Instructional Team Meeting
April 14FridayNo School
April 15SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
April 16SundayHave a nice weekend!
April 17Monday
April 18Tuesday
April 19Wednesday
April 20ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
April 21Friday
April 22SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
April 23SundayHave a nice weekend!
April 24MondayNo School
April 25TuesdayPipe
April 26WednesdayHoliday
April 27ThursdayInstructional Team Meeting
April 28Friday
April 29SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
April 30SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 1MondayPipe and Dish
May 2Tuesday
May 3Wednesday
May 4ThursdayUpper School Conferences
Leadership Team Meeting
May 5FridayExperiential Learning
Teacher PLC Day
May 6SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 7SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 8Monday
May 9Tuesday
May 10Wednesday
May 11ThursdayInstructional Team Meeting
May 12FridayEarly Release - Staff Half Day
May 13SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 14SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 15Monday
May 16Tuesday
May 17Wednesday
May 18ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
May 19FridayRoyalty Pow Wow (High School)
Experiential Learning
Teacher PLC Day
May 20SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 21SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 22MondayPipe
May 23Tuesday
May 24Wednesday
May 25ThursdayInstructional Team Meeting
May 26FridayEarly Release - Staff half Day
May 27SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 28SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 29MondayNo School - Holiday
May 30Tuesday
May 31Wednesday
June 1ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
June 2FridayExperiential Learning
Teacher PLC Day
June 3SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
June 4SundayHave a nice weekend!
June 5Monday
June 6TuesdayAbinoojiiyag Awards Day
June 7WednesdayHigh School Graduation
June 8ThursdayStudents Last Day / Early Release
June 9FridayStaff Last Day
June 10SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
June 11SundayHave a nice weekend!
June 12Monday
June 13Tuesday
June 14Wednesday
June 15Thursday
June 16FridayStaff half Day
June 17SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
June 18SundayHave a nice weekend!
June 19Monday
June 20Tuesday
June 21Wednesday
June 22Thursday
June 23Friday
June 24SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
June 25SundayHave a nice weekend!
June 26Monday
June 27Tuesday
June 28Wednesday
June 29Thursday
June 30Friday