Nay Ah Shing Instructional Team


Improve student learning through rigorous study, focused collaboration, and implementation of:

Professional Development
Common Core Learning Standards
Evaluation and Assessment Systems
Data Driven Instruction
Cultural Teachings


The Vision of the Instructional Team is to promote collaborative, thoughtful, and meaningful guidance and direction, with transparency and openness, to meet and exceed expectations for student growth and achievement, promote opportunities for professional growth, enhance academic and cultural teaching and learning, and strengthen family and community involvement.

Nay Ah Shing Instructional Team By-Laws

Article I. Membership:

The membership of the Instructional Team for Nay Ah Shing shall be composed of the Principals and a variety of representatives throughout all areas of the school. The team will consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 members. Team members will consist of the principals, the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, an Ojibwe staff member, a SPED staff member, the, a nominated parent representative, and a group of nominated staff members. The members shall be the official representatives for the school and will commit to at least two years of service.

Article II. General Function:

The general function of the team shall be to ensure the continued improvement of all instructional aspects of the school. They will study assessments, data, lesson plans and curriculum maps and make recommendations to the Leadership Team. They will also recommend professional staff development and training, facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between grade-level teams, improve communication and coordination amongst all instructional staff, and consider any other related matters dealing with over all instructional improvement.

Article III. Duties of the Team Members:

Each member of the team will attend each meeting and work together to attain the continuous instructional improvement of the school. Each member will review the by-laws at the start of each school year. Each member of the team will commit to one or more of the duties of the team. The team shall consist of Chair, Secretary, Time-Keeper, The Chair/Committee Leaders shall:

  • Act as liaison between Instructional Team and the Leadership Team.
  • Establish a date, time, and place for the meetings.
  • Convene and conduct all meetings.
  • Create an agenda prior to each meeting.
  • The Secretary shall:

  • Record the minutes of the meetings of the Committee.
  • Maintain a current list of members.
  • Submit the minutes to the for approval
  • Submit the minutes to the website coordinator within 4 days after the meeting.
  • Print and submit minutes into record books at both schools.
  • The Time-keeper shall:

  • Work with the Chair to ensure that all meetings begin and end in a timely fashion.
  • Monitor adherence to agenda by watching the clock, and reminding Team of time-frame.
  • Additional Team Responsibilities:

  • Individuals should print off and bring their agenda’s to each meeting, and familiarize themselves with discussion topics.
  • Each team member should attend each meeting on time and notify the Chair in advance if unable to attend.

  • Article IV. Meetings:

    The Instructional Team shall meet officially at least twice a month. The time and place will be determined by the Chair and announced to the Team via e-mail. Other meetings may be planned as needed to carry on the business of the Instructional Team. The Chair shall create an agenda for each meeting, to which adherence he/she shall oversee. Meetings will start on time and will attempt not to exceed the designated suggested time limit of one hour.