Nay Ah Shing School Leadership Team


The Mission of the leadership team is to guide Nay Ah Shing School to become a committed community that educates students to demonstrate academic habits, intellectual curiosity, and embrace the Anishinabe way of life.


The Vision of the leadership team is to provide collaborative, thoughtful, and meaningful guidance and direction, with transparency and openness, to meet and exceed expectations for student growth and achievement, opportunities for professional growth, and echance academic and cultural teaching and learning.


We Belive Nay Ah Shing School should function to support the child withing the social and natural construct of the community within which it operates; and that the school must facilitate, encourage, and provide opportunities for community building and student involvement.

We Belive students learn in different ways and it is crucial that these differences are recognized and respected; every student has the right to be honored as a unique individual with their own experiences, achievements, and culture.

We Belive all our students will reach high individual academic goals, carry on the Ojibwe Language and traditions and become contributing members in their community and the world.

We Belive that a kind, caring, and respectful classroom learning community is an essential component in the realization of the effective practice of teaching diverse learners.

We Belive believe that a vibrant environment for education depends on a community of committed professional colleagues who actively share, reflect, discuss, and grow.

We Belive that teaching is a profession and teachers are professionals.

We Belive learning is a lifelong process.